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BICT @virinchi

BICT (Bachelor of Information Communication Technology) is an utmost demanding course of new generations. BICT is a four-year bachelor level honors degree program.  This provides students a broad range of proficiency in information and communication technology, and develops students’ skills on competency to create innovative…

MBA @virinchi

Virinchi MBA, the tag that stands out. Virinchi MBA is Asia e University degree with rigorous teaching methods harnessing 360 degree skills and knowledge to excel in modern business world. The program is best suited for working professionals and entrepreneurs looking to take leaps and bounce…

Why to be a programmer?
Why to be a programmer?

Perseverance and optimism  Programmers have to be okay with constantly failing – your code is oftentimes not going to work on your first try. One of my favorite quotes about failure: “Fear of failure is caused by not knowing how to fail”..Programming teaches you how…

Ethical Decision Making Process
Ethical Decision Making Process

We selected a five step decision making process that synthesized the decision making models used in existing training, not just ethics training. The model is descriptive of how people intuitively make decisions and makes the steps explicit. The six steps of this natural, intuitive decision-making…

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