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Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology (BICT)

Bachelors of Information and Communication Technology (BICT) is a course that provides the understanding of computing technology and competency to create innovative solution for the people and organization. It helps to specialize in data storage, software development, information system, telecommunication and networks. This course helps to gain hands-on experience through a professional ICT Internship.

Once a Virinchian, you are set for a wonderful career as an entrepreneurs or highly sought human resources.

Bachelors of Information and Communication Technology (BICT) is a 4 year (8 semesters) graduation honors degree program, which aims to provide students a broad range of aspects of ICT. Besides, it aims to graduate students with all required academic knowledge and skills in a variety of key areas of ICT for a lifelong career.

BICT has been designed to develop ICT professionals who are confident, creative and innovative familiar with the needs, methods and attitudes of business and society. This Program aims to provide ICT graduates with the skills and knowledge to take on appropriate professional positions in industry upon graduation and grow into leadership positions, achieve entrepreneurial ambition, or pursue research and post graduate studies in ICT.

The program well suits the students who seek to acquire knowledge and skills needed in planning, developing, implementing and managing IT-based systems. The program well suits the students whose focuses are also on the management and information theory of ICT concepts. Technically, BICT students will benefit from the exposure given in the real working environment they experience during the industrial training conducted in selected organizations.

BICT (Bachelor of Information Communication Technology) develops highly demanded ICT experts capable to innovate technologies across various fields. E-commerce, Health, governance, banking, development sector etc., you name IT, they all need ICT experts. That’s why we call BICT graduates, Future ICT warriors. These warriors will create unbelievable solutions to complex human needs of the 21st century.

Course Modules

University Compulsory Subjects
Information Literacy and Research Skills
Entrepreneurship in Asia
Asian Studies
MQA Compulsory Subjects
Social Responsibility Project
Comparative Ethics
Academic Writing
Core Subjects
Fundamental Concepts of ICT
Object Oriented Programming
Computer Ethics and Cyber Laws
Introduction to Multimedia
Operating Systems
Discrete Mathematics
Information System Analysis and Design
Database System
Object Oriented Programming
Computer Communication and Network
Computer Programming
Knowledge Management
Management Information Systems
Computer Security
Computer Ethics and Cyber Laws
Human Computer Interaction
ICT Project Management
Project Proposal
Final Project
Industrial Training
Eligibility for BICT Program

The students willing to join the program must have successfully completed  NEB Examination with ‘D+’ grade and at least ‘C+’ grade in Mathematics in SEE/NEB from a reputed educational institution in any discipline.

Elective Subjects
Fundamental of English Grammar
Internet Security
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
Web Economy
Computer Forensic
Communication Skills
Advanced Java Programming
Software Engineering Subjects
Requirements Engineering
Software Constructions
Software Quality Assurance
Software Integration & Improvement
Software Architecture & Design
Software Engineering for Real Time-System
Agile Software Development
Software Testing
Usability Engineering
Software Engineering
Career Prospects for Graduates

On successful completion of the program, the students may choose to be an entrepreneur (Self-Employment) or managing professionals in established institutions in promising areas as:

Software Programmer
System Analyst
System & Network Administrator
Database Administrator
IT Manager
Web Developer
MIS Manager
IT Entrepreneur