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Posted on: July 4, 2021

Effects of Technology and Innovation

Technology and innovation is something that is widely praised and sought after in this modern world. But, if we look at technology from other aspects of life, is it still as great as it seems from the perspective of innovation? It’s no surprise that technology nowadays, causes a lot of problems especially among younger users. Of course, it’s not all about disadvantages. Technology is like any other thing, no matter how advanced it will be, it will have its drawbacks and it’s up to us as users to make sure that we prevent the fallbacks of technology on ourselves.

The biggest problems that arise from the use of technology are: psychological, physical, and mental problems that occur almost entirely on children. 90% of children who come back home from school are immediately spending most of their hours in front of a screen (Rosen, June 2014). And almost all of these children have psychological or physical issues (i.e. ADHD, obesity). By no means, technology doesn’t cause these issues directly. It’s got more to do with the lack of management for children at home.

In a review that was conducted in 2018, it was found that many children who go through excessive amounts of technology use come out with some form of damage; mostly low performance, low creativity, delay in skill development, etc. Obviously, it is very clear that technology mostly has adverse effects on a child as far as their development goes; only if their time remains unchecked. Most children who don’t spend a lot of time in front of a screen come out just fine.

Moving on to the long-term effects of technology on a larger scale, it goes without saying that technology and innovation plays a vital part in the development of the human civilization as a whole. We need look no further than our homes, our rooms, and our surroundings for proof. We live in houses that are protected from earthquakes and other natural phenomena. We use laptops and desktops for education and recreation, we drive cars and ride bikes. The examples will never end.

Sadly, no matter how much technology has advanced, it has also been having a negative effect on the earth that we live in. So much so, that the great minds of our generation are already considering the fact that we will some day have to leave this planet and move on. Additionally, the display of how harmful technology and innovation can be is persuading people to believing that maybe going back to our roots is a good thing to do. By no means am I taking sides here, but without a doubt, there are a lot of people going back to ‘living green’ and being ‘carbon free’.

In contrast, technology has a ton of positive effects as well. The most obvious one being that if it weren’t for technology, we’d still be living like animals. Thanks to technology, society is evolving a lot more than it normally would. Educational materials, communication, medical needs, and much more have become convenient and easy for people to access. Due to the contributions technology makes in society, one could argue that technology makes people happier. As long as the use of technology isn’t overdone, it is very likely that it can make a person happier.

Especially at a time like this where humans – the most social beings – aren’t even going out of their houses; people are learning to be happier and healthier through the use of technology. We can talk to our friends and families without actually going to see them, we get the latest news right on our phones, if there’s a medical emergency – help is just one button away.

Technology will continue improving, and with the mindfulness of people nowadays, maybe it’ll get bigger and better for the betterment of the human civilization as a whole as well as the planet that we reside in. Ultimately, technology cannot be a bad thing at all. It’s only due to technology and innovation that humans now are capable of doing the things that they were never able to do before. And finally, as long as there is monitored use of technology among children, surely they will be okay as well – resulting in the world being a better place overall, and young teens not being driven towards depression and psychological issues early on in their lives. 

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