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Programs Offered

BICT @virinchi

Bachelors of Information and Communication Technology (BICT) is a course that provides the understanding of computing technology and competency to create innovative solution for the people and organization. It helps to specialize in data storage, software development, information system, telecommunication and...

MBA @virinchi

MBA is a two year wisely designed academic program to suit the need of both regular as well as working professionals. It is a full-fledged, sixty-credit program with necessary rigor of Finance & Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Quantitative Techniques and Research Skills which are desired in production as well as service sectors...

Software Process and How Can It be Improved?

It is important to understand the vocabulary used in describing the software process and the maturity model. These terms are used in a particular way, and it is important to know their meaning in order to comprehend the model. It is also necessary to under-stand…

My choice as an Animator

Autodesk Maya commonly known as MAYA is a graphic softwareused to create 3D models, designs as well as visual effects playing a vital role in creation of animated movies, games, commercial advertisement. It is considered to be one of the advanced and most user friendly…

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