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Posted on: July 2, 2018

Internet of Things (IoT)

The present world is the world of new technologies and new innovations. Technology is rapidly growing and directly impacting the daily life of human. Especially in ICT sector, it is changing dramatically. Before some decades, the computing machines were only used for special purpose. Common people couldn’t afford the computing machines due to low economic condition. Along with the time, the life style and life standard of people changed. People are improving their living standard better than the last generation. Today’s world is almost covered with the computing devices. Now, common people also can afford computing machine. People use computing machines because it has features like multi-tasking, storage, communication etc. Computing machines and ICT knowledge has become one of the most important sector in this whole world.
We can see that in financial sector, hospitals, industries, education, government etc. computers and computing machines are widely used because it reduce the processing time and increases the efficiency and reliability. Computing machines are used according to need and the desire. Some people use to perform professional task and some use it for entertainment. Along with the development of electrical computing devices, internet is also concurrently developed. Today, internet is known as the network of network. At the initial phase, concept of wide area networking was developed in several computer science laboratories. The wide area networking concept was made stable by ARPANET, developing internet protocols.
Today, internet is one of the most required service. Through internet, different many devices are connected with each other. Via computing machines like smart phones, PCs, tablets etc. we use internet to share information, communicate with each other, for entertainment etc. For the business purpose, internet is being used to promote the company, to work virtually, it is used to spread awareness among the mass of people, to get information and knowledge from websites and repositories internet is used. We use social media like facebook, twitter, Instagram through internet. For edutainment purpose we use youtube. Most of the people like to spend their time using internet. Internet has actually reduced the distance among the people. One can easily reach to another and get the required job done.
Internet of Things(IoT) is new term to present age. IoT refers to the connection of the different objects with each other via internet and has the ability to transfer the data over the network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Billions of devices are connected to internet and they are sharing data among each other. An assumption is there that 30 billion devices will be connected by 2020. It is possible due to wireless technology and cheap computing machines. IoT system use embedded processors, sensors, and other type of hardware to collect data, send data over the network. IoT involves the home appliances also which are connected with internet. IoT helps to control and get access to all most of all electrical devices which supports internet connection. There are several benefits of IoT that we have had ever. We can easily monitor business process, see business progress, as fast as we can take decisions, we can analyze the business procedure smartly, it helps to save time and money etc. There are lots of benefits that we have imagined ever. For example:- IoT base agriculture, smart farming helps to monitor the light and temperature, humidity and soil moisture, health of plants, irrigation system, alert system etc. using hardware like sensors and through software, gathered data is process and result is generated. IoT works in real time, so we can get directly advantages from it.
By: Samir Shrestha

(BICT, IV Semester)