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Empowered Learning

Putting the learner at the center of the learner experience. Demand driven, open to choice, learner-centric.

Enhanced Learning

Relentlessly setting new benchmarks, continuously taking the learning to a higher level.

Exploratory Learning

actively pushing the boundaries of the known, with rigorous inquiries, creativity and curiosity.

Expanding learning

An open paradigm of learning without boundaries or limitations.

Effective Learning

Functional, purposeful intended education; producing winners.

Electronic Learning

Any place, anytime, anywhere, 24/7,365.

Experiential Learning

Learning through reflection, action, adventure, choice, cooperation and communication.

Award and Achievements

ACD Islamabad Declaration No. 6

No. VI: Resolve to ensure the provision of easily accessible and expanded educational opportunities for the peoples of Asia with the proposal for the establishment of an Asia e-University (AeU) which will be an instrument for greater Asia-wide cooperation in closing the digital divide and spearheading e-Education efforts to meet future challenges, for the benefit of the region.

(6th April 2005, Islamabad, Pakistan)

ACD DOHA Declaration No 1.5

Ministers of Foreign Affairs of 28 Member Countries…reaffirm the commitment to:

No.1.5: We agree to support the successful implementation of Asia e-University (AeU) as an instrument for human capacity building, closing the digital divide, increasing higher education accessibility, and spearheading e-Education efforts for the benefitof all members countries.
(24th May 2006, Doha, Qatar)

Recognization From MQA (Malaysian Qualifications Agency)


Recognization From other International Organizations